Key Principle 1

Small businesses are vital to our social fabric

Key Principle 2

Small businesses need a bailout

Key Principle 3

Small businesses need a boost to demand

Context & Coordination

SOURCE: Seanad Public Consultation on Small and Medium Sized Businesses Report 2019

Improved liquidity €6 billion

Improved liquidity schemes up to €6 bn are required that better targets small businesses and makes it easier for small businesses to recover. Small businesses require time to recover, hence why they need a minimum 1 year payment holiday when accessing government liquidity. This also allows for the compensation fund to assess their compensation which would be netted against the loans. Loan funding should also come at a zero % interest rate. Key to all loan schemes should be making the funds easier to access which means government channelling liquidity to a broader group of lending partners and increasing the level of guarantees on this capital.

Compensation Fund

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